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Repeat Trips What do you do when Mercury is retrograde? Well, it's true that Mercury retrograde favors repeating what has already been done. If you've been to Florida before, and you want to go there again, then Mercury retrograde is for you. This would be especially true if Mercury was the ruler of your Ninth House.

Mercury retrograde is not a reason in itself to avoid travel, just make sure that your travel plans bring you to familiar places. It's a great time to visit an old friend and catch up on old times. It's a great time to take that train ride you used to take, or the same airline you flew on the last time you traveled.

On the other hand, want to have a difficult trip or vacation? Pick a time when Mercury is retrograde, and the ruler of your Ninth House is making a square or opposition to Mars or Saturn, and then travel somewhere you've never been before via a means of transportation you have no experience with. It's your choice. With an ephemeris, aspectarian and a table of void-ofcourse Moon times, you could do much to improve your travel experiences. It's all about keeping track of what's going on up there and using it down here.

It's like surfing or hang-glidingyou learn how to go with the flow, not impose your will on the world. Remember the Hermetic axiom "as above, so below? NCGR, is an astrologer with a private practice in western Massachusetts who works with clients by telephone. He is the author of fourteen books and over two hundred articles. His interests include psychological astrology, electional astrology, Mesoamerican astrology and the history of astrology. Electional Astrology There's an old branch of astrology called elections, or electional astrology. It's not about voting, but it is about making a choicechoosing to do something at a specific time.

For centuries, people have used electional astrology to choose the time to lay foundations for buildings, to crown kings and queens and to launch ships. Today, people use electional astrology to select times for a marriage, open a business, medical procedures, travel and many other purposes. This branch of astrology is about using free will, along with the positions of the planets, to make an informed choice. Serious electional astrology is complicated. Astrologers who practice this branch of astrology utilize a variety of astrological techniques to arrive at the optimum time for their clients to commence one activity or another.

An accurate birth chart, one with the exact time of birth, is a prerequisite. Fortunately, there are alternatives. Nearly anyone, even those who don't know their time of birth, can use a few simple astrological clues to help chart their course. These clues are to be found in the motions of the Moon and Mercury. Planning with the Moon Watch the Moon as it moves through its phases. You can do this in real life, or by looking at most any calendar. The Moon, when it is New once a month when the Moon passes near the Sun , is invisible. A few days later you can see it as a thin crescent in the west just after sunset.

This part of the month is favorable for beginning projects that you expect to mature very gradually. As the Moon moves away from the Sun and on to its Full Moon phase as it "waxes" , conditions are still good for beginning projects, but the closer to the Full Moon, the sooner the projects will mature. This period close to Full Moon is also very good for projects that require, or are about, publicity. Tips for Moon Planning Keep two things in mind about this rule, however. Don't force something that needs a long time to mature by beginning it just before the Full Moon.

Start it earlier in the cycle. Second, avoid starting things on the day of the First Quarter halfway between New Moon and Full Moon , or even the day before. The Full Moon Do things that have already been started, things that are more or less ongoing, after the Full Moon. The period from Full Moon back to New Moon the "waning" Moon is the time for completing things or bringing projects to their culmination. It is a good time for harvesting, storing and finishing, and also for ending personal matters. Again, avoid doing things on the Third Quarter or the day before.

Ever hear of the "void-of-course" Moon? This is when the Moon has completed its alignments in any given zodiac sign, and then moves on to the next sign without making any further connections. What happens in real life is exactly thatthese periods are not good at all for starting projects that have specific goals. It's a drifting kind of time, a time for processing life that is suitable for ongoing projects and inner, more personal matters. Void-of-course Moon tables are found in many almanacs and astrological ephemerides.

Check them out. Mercury Retrograde Mercury retrograde has been known to strike fear into the minds of manyespecially people who have Gemini and Virgo prominent in their birth charts. These two signs are ruled by that is, they are associated with that tricky planet Mercury. Three times a year, Mercury appears to move backward against the zodiac, a motion created by the interaction of the Earth's orbit and that of Mercury's.

These retrograde times often wreak havoc on our modern technological society, which is driven by communication devices. Communication devices are precisely Mercury's domain. Mercury retrograde watchers know not to take major, first-time initiatives during its retrograde period.

If you buy a car during the retrograde, you could find yourself going back to the dealer a week later. If you install a new computer operating system under it, you could lose some files and have to start over. A good example is the Hubble telescope, which was launched while Mercury was retrograde. NASA is constantly fixing it. What to do when Mercury is retrograde? Attend to projects that require completion and closure, or things that have been done before.

The theory behind electional astrology is that we do best when we follow natural cycles. We move faster, and also more accurately, when we move with the natural flow of energy around us. Step out of the rat race with electional astrology. It's like surfing, or setting sail. Using the natural movement of the wave, or the tide, we can hitch a ride and go much farther than we could on our own power.

Try it out.

For thousands of years, sailors, fishermen and farmers have believed that the movements of the Moon correlate with the life cycles of many living things on planet Earth. Today this belief is a fact; scientists have demonstrated that many marine organisms and mammals do indeed behave in accordance with lunar cycles. But what about humans? We know that a woman's menstrual cycle is, on average, the same as the monthly lunar cycle, and some researchers have pointed to a similar monthly cycle in men. Here's where astrology steps in.

This ancient science has not only recognized a lunar influence on human emotion and behavior, it has developed a way of mapping it. The Moon in the Signs The monthy cycle of the Moon is one that should be of special interest to those learning astrology. This cycle is tracked, or mapped out, by the movement of the Moon through the.

In one month, the Moon travels through each of the twelve signs. As it passes through each sign, its impact on our lives varies. Most people experience a cycle of emotional highs and lows throughout the month that correlate with the movement of the Moon as it travels from sign to sign.

Everyone is different. Some people may experience emotional highs when the Moon is in Leo, others may experience lows. These variations are explained by the arrangement of planets in our personal horoscopes. We can discover our normal cycle by keeping notes on how we feel each day for several months. Over the course of several lunar cycles, a pattern should emerge. Using printed tables called ephemerides, or computers, we can find the dates and times that the Moon enters each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The Moon passes through each sign in about two and a quarter days, on average.

As the Moon passes through each sign, it reflects the properties of that sign. For example, when the Moon is in the sign Aries, people seem to be more impulsive and anxious to do something. This may be particularly true for people born under Aries. When in Taurus, the desire for comfort and security is strong. In Gemini, people are more curious and nervous. When the Moon is in Cancer, people seek out the past and tradition. Leo brings out a need for creativity and recognition.

In Virgo, the Moon moves us to sweat the details and clean things up. When the Moon is in Libra, people are generally more social. Scorpio intensifies emotion while Sagittarius stimulates a desire to take risks. In Capricorn, people tend to be more practical. The Moon passing through Aquarius brings out friendliness and in Pisces, it stimulates a need to escape from normal conditions. Understanding the nature of the signs of the zodiac will allow for a deeper understanding of the Moon's passage through each sign.

If you follow the news, you'll see that many front-page events follow the Moon's cycle. Of course, major events are also triggered by alignments of other planets as well, but the Moon's sign alone counts for something. Groups of people are strongly affected by the Moon and the sign it is currently passing through. I noticed this years ago when I used to play with a band four or five nights a week.

When the Moon was in Cancer, people wanted to hear oldies. When it was in Gemini, they wanted happy, simple tunes, and in Capricorn or Scorpio, it was the blues that got people involved with the music. The Phases of the Moon Another way that astrology maps the lunar cycle has to do with the aspects the Moon makes with the other planets. Aspects are the angles and alignments that form as the Moon moves from sign to sign and changes its relationship to the other planets.

Since ancient times, the lunar aspects have been used to make weather predictions and to select times to do things. They are still found in some almanacs and on astrological calendars. The phases of. This close passage between them, when they are 0 degrees apart, is called the conjunction.

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If the Moon passes directly in front of the Sun, it's a solar eclipsea particularly highpowered New Moon. The sign that the New Moon happens to be in can describe the emotional energies of the public over the next week or two. For example, the recent New Moon in Aries. Occurred around the time that the stock market took a big dip. Aries is a sign of impulsive action and many traders were getting panicky. The New Moon in Taurus can bring out security needs and people will most likely make conservative choices then.

Check out the sign that the New Moon falls into for insight into public trends. The Quarters of the Moon The quarters of the lunation cycle mark periods of tension. They occur when the Moon is halfway between New and Full, at an angle of 90 degrees the square to the Sun. Stress is often high during the day of the quarters, and even the day before and after. The First Quarter marks a time of pressure to do things, the Third Quarter pressure to understand things.

Don't commence a major undertaking, like opening a business or getting married, when the Moon is at either of the quarters. The Sun and Moon are now at opposition, degrees apart. Like the New Moon, the sign that the Moon is in when it is full can offer us valuable information on public trends. Very often important decisions or announcements are made at the Full Moon. Peace treaties may be signed and agreements between competitors reached.

It can be a time of clarity and objectivity. But there's also a darker side to the full Moon. Sometimes emotions get out of hand and the Full Moon marks a time of riots and social disruption. In Part Two of this article, well look at more aspects of the Moon and at the Moon void-ofcourse. In Part One of this article, weve seen how the Moon moves through the signs, and how the New Moon, Full Moon and the quarters are aspects, or angles, between the Moon and the Sun. But what is the significance of the Moons aspects with planets other than the Sun?

And what is a Moon void-of-course? There are five major aspects that the Moon makes with the other planets: the conjunction, the sextile, the square, the trine and the opposition. The sextile and trine are considered harmonious, the square and opposition stressful, and the conjunction can go either way, depending on the planets involved. You can find these aspects, and sometimes others, listed on astrological calendars or datebooks, often with exact times.

When the Moon is making a square to Saturn or Mars, conditions may be a little tense. When it is making sextiles to these planets, conditions may be tense but constructive. When the Moon aspects Venus or Jupiter by trine or sextile, conditions may be positive, but if by square and opposition, things may be excessive or boring. The Moon Void-of-Course As the Moon moves through any given sign, it makes aspects with the other planets. Eventually, there comes a point where it has made all possible aspects it can make with the planets in the configuration that theyre in at that time, but the Moon is still in the same sign.

After some additional time, which can vary depending on where the other planets are located, the Moon enters the next sign of the zodiac. This period of time, after the last aspect but before its entrance into the next sign, is when the Moon is said to be void-ofcourse. Many astrological calendars and datebooks give the exact times of these periods, which occur every few days.

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As its name implies, the void-of-course Moon period marks a time of drift. It's a time when time itself seems to bend and turn, and not head straight to the next milepost. While the Moon moves through space, disconnected from the other planets, life on Earth likewise moves along with a weak sense of direction.

And like Mercury retrograde, this period definitely works. Anyone planning to commence an important event, like opening a business or starting off on a trip, should make sure they know when the Moon is void-ofcourse. When the Moon is void-of-course don't expect to meet all your goals. Don't expect to settle disputes in meetings or make real progress with any new business. Don't do something really important for the first time, and don't try to force things along a preconceived path. But also, don't get paranoid about it. There are plenty of ways to use, and even enjoy, the qualities of the void-of-course Moon.

It's a great time for getting on with unfinished business, for cleaning up that which is left over, and for simply letting things happen. Here is an example of what I mean. Suppose you're a director and you want to begin shooting a film, but the Moon is void-of-course. You can postpone your shoot and begin again later, after the Moon has entered the next sign and is moving toward a positive aspect with another planet. This would be the right thing to do if you intend to make your film follow the script and turn out the way you have envisioned it. But if your film is open-ended, or maybe a continuation of something that has already been started, the void-of-course Moon will do you no harm.

Another possibility is that you go ahead and start filming and just let things happen. If the film begins to swerve away from. It's possible that it will go nowhere, but it's also possible it may go in directions never anticipated. On a recent beautiful spring day, the Moon was void-of-course. A friend and I decided to go for a hike so as to better enjoy the weather. We visited a forest we'd been to before, but after some walking, we chose to follow a side path that took us deep into an area we'd never explored.

Although the trail eventually ended, we just kept going. A little work with a map and compass, and some bushwhacking alongside a stream, and we came out to a trail we were familiar with. Although we were never really lost, we just let the process of the hike take over and let go of any specific expectations about where we were going. The day was a great success. The lesson here is that the void-of-course Moon should not be your enemy.

Let it be your guide. The Moon's movements affect all of us, as individuals and in groups. In fact, the larger the collection of people, the stronger the effect of the Moon. The next time you are at a large gathering, take note of what sign the Moon is in, what aspects it is making, and if it is voidof-course. If you know exactly when the Moon goes void-of-course, look for indications that it has made this change. Sometimes this shift is very clear, though most times it is quite subtle.

If you're a good observer, however, you'll see people moving right along with the changes of the Moon, acting out the script of our nearest neighbor in space. Medical Electional Astrology by Nancy R. Related in interpretation but different in intent, horary and electional astrology are two forms of astrological chart analysis that are similar by analogy to the relationship between deductive and inductive reasoning. In horary astrology, a question is asked at a specific time and a chart is cast for that moment.

Then the chart is interpreted according to the rules of horary interpretation to yield an answer. In electional astrology, someone wants to choose an auspicious or lucky time for an event in the future that can be planned, such as a marriage, signing real estate papers, or, in the case of Ronald Reagan, a presidential swearing-in ceremony. The astrologer begins by speculating with the client on a desirable time in the future and then casts a chart for that time and date. This chart is interpreted according to the guidelines for electional astrology in order to determine if this is the best possible date to insure success.

In reviewing a tentative electional chart, the astrologer must decide whether or not the date and time are satisfactory. Ivy M. She has done the most recently to develop and refine the art of this kind of interpretation. Jacobson lived from to Another expert in the field is William Lilly. He wrote in the 17th Century! Jacobsons wonderful books are now back in print and available on several Internet sites. Many are available secondhand through amazon. Jacobsons book on horary is called Simplified Horary Astrology.

Another essential tool for interpreting charts this way is Rex E. Bills The Rulership Book, also widely available on the Internet. The Rulership Book tells you what sign rules just about anything you can think of from Israel to the kitchen sink. This information is critical to horary and electional chart interpretation. Lets look at some of the basic steps for reading an electional chart for an operation. For a good ending to surgery, the Moon should not be Void-of-Course nothing will come of it and it should make a good aspect before leaving its sign. There are some definite NOs in electional interpretation:.

If youre not sure what the evil fixed stars are, these are the greatest offenders; Hamal, the Death Wound, at 6 Taurus; Caput Algol or Medusas Head at 24 Taurus; Aldebaran at 8 Gemini; Serpentis, the Cursed Degree, at 9 Scorpio; Antares, evil presages and danger of fatality, at 8 Sagittarius and Scheat, death by drowning including pneumonia at 29 Pisces. Make sure the chart and its ruler describe the venture. You probably wouldn't want to have Mars as chart ruler if you were setting up the signing for a peace treaty.

Or conversely, Venus ruling a military attack chart. Make sure that the chart ruler is high in both essential and accidental dignity. You wouldn't want to have Jupiter retrograde in Gemini, its detriment, in the 12th house, combust or under the Sun's beams and conjunct the fixed star Algol in a chart for a politician announcing his or her candidacy. Make sure the ascendant is radical, I. The early ascendant would show the venture was starting too soon, and the late ascendant that it was starting too late.

Make sure the Moon is not void of course. Ensure that the Moon's last aspect before it leaves its current sign is a fortunate one. You wouldn't want the Moon's last aspect to be a square to Mars, for example. Make sure there are no unfortunate aspects by solar arc direction close to the time of inception. Keep the Malefics out of the angles. Unless they are chart rulers. While challenging aspects can create drive and focus, its best not to have something too terrible come up in the early stages of the venture, when things are just getting started. Now I realize all those rules cannot be met all the time.

No chart is perfect. There have to be some trade-offs. But there are ways to mitigate some of those things. One of my favorite ways is to use the Part of Fortune to "run interference" in the chart. For instance, if the Moon is void of course or making an unfortunate aspect before it leaves the sign it's in, tweak the time of the chart to make the Moon's last aspect a fortunate one to the POF. Joan Quigley used that method to time Reagan's announcement of Justice Kennedy after both the Bork and Ginsberg nominations went awry.

Ok, here's an example. The newspaper I was working for until recently launched a redesign in February February 17, to be precise.

Electional astrology - detailed explanations, a practical approach

On my own, I did an electional chart for the new paper. Now, the date was already set, as was the approximate time, around noon. The paper was to be "set in stone," I. I came up with an exact time to make sure that things would work out right and notified the editor and she and the publisher agreed they would use my time as the official "birth" of the redesigned paper. I had done many long hours of work on the redesign and was therefore interested in its success. The difficulty was the position of the Sun, at 29 Aquarius The Sun made no aspects and it was in its detriment, so it needed some bolstering.

I used the "Part of Fortune Swindle. As the hectic morning of Feb. I was responsible for "cutting" the last page. That is the last step before it goes to the camera room. The page needed my "OK" and initials before it went to the camera room. It was when the page was ready to go, but I delayed it 4 minutes while I "fixed" something that didn't need to be fixed.

I placed my OK and initials on the page at precisely The redesign was, and continues to be a great success. Unfortunately, Pluto in the chart was square my own. For those who wish to look at the chart the data is Feb 17, Monroe, WI w38 42n Electional astrology can be a fantastic tool. The best way to start using electional astrology is to start experimenting with techniques on your own. Mailing important letters, signing documents and scheduling interviews are all opportunities you can use to employ Electional astrology.

We look first to the first house and the planet the planet that rules the first house. These represent the business. We also look to the the second house and its ruler, which represents the business' money and finance, the tenth house and its ruler, which represent the fame and reputation of the business and the seventh house and its ruler, which represent the customers and clients of the business. We want to the see the rulers of the appropriate houses, strong, dignified and in good Zodiacal state in good houses.

We also look to particular planets. In a business start-up we would like to see Jupiter strong, as the natural significator of wealth, as well as Mercury, as the natural significator of business. Mercury is particularly important in Internet business as he is the natural significator of communications.

Finally, for the best results the astrologer needs to consult the birth chart of the business owner or owners. This ensures that malefic planets in the birth chart are not chosen as significators in the election and assists the astrologer in choosing the appropriate time.

Like as I have promised, I shall for the better instruction of the Students herein, be in this Chapter somewhat more large in delivering the significations of the signs, and how they are to be chosen in electing any manner of work. Know then, that movable signs, as are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, signifie and denote mutation and alteration of things, and that they shall be of short continuance; wherefore in Planting, Sowing, Grassing, and in buying and selling, they are to be chosen; and if anyone fall sick in these signs, viz. Then look that you begin not any work you would have continue at such a time, but in such affairs elect the fixed signs which are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquaries; for in all things these make a continuance and prolong time; wherefore in building it is good to elect these signs, also marriages, or any such thing as you would have continue; if voyages or journies be taken in them, they cannot be good, except there be many testimonies of the Fortunes; and if anyone be at such time taken prisoner, his inlargement shall be protracted; and this I can testifie upon my own knowledge; and who so shall incur the anger and displeasure of anyone, shall never be more in that parties favour.

Begin Page TOP. But to elect any business beforementioned, or any other in the like nature, put the Moon in the ascendent in a convenient sign, viz. In this manner of work, viz. Electing a good and fitting time for the acting or doing of any business you must have a special regard to the Moon, and that she be nowise impedited or afflicted; for as all the ancient Rabies in this Art do testifie, there are ten ways whereby the Moon may be impedited; wherefore since it is a thing so necessary, I shall here plainly insert them.

First then, the Moon may be impedited by being in combustion of the Sun, and even when she is twelve degrees distant from his body, either before or after; or more plainly applying to or separating from him; but you must note she is not so much afflicted when she is separated, as when she is applying. In the next place the Moon may be impedited when she is in the degree of her fall, viz.

Thirdly, she may and is impedited when she is in Opposition of the Sun, Fourthly, when joyned with infortunes or in Quartile, or Opposition of them. Fifthly, the Moon is impedited when she is within twelve degrees of the head or tail of the Dragon, which is the term or place of an Eclipse. Sixthly, when she is in the latter degrees of a sign wherein there is an infortune. Seventhly, when she is cadent from angles or in via combusta the burnt way, which is in the last Eightly, the Moon is impedited when she is in detriment, viz.

Ninethly, when he is slow in motion, viz. Let therefore in all manner of Elections for good the Moon be strong and well dignified, and in good aspect of the fortunes, and free from the Configurations of the Malevolents, and that she be not in the Ascendent; yet if she be beheld by the Fortunes, and be in the Ascendent, it is good to buy and sell; and make the Moon and the Lord of the Ascendent in your affairs of electing behold the Ascendent;. For when a Planet beholds not his own house, it is like a man that is not able to benefit his house nor remove the evil Impending; but when a Planet beholdeth his own house, it is like a man that is strong in his habitation, that is able to protect and defend those that are under his power and tuition, and to repell and keep off those enemies that are without; and note further, that when the Lord of the Ascendent is unfortunate, you must place him so as that he behold the Ascendent with a Trine or Sextile;.

And if the Moon be impedited, let her by no means be in an Angle, but place the Fortunes therein, or the Moon, when she is beheld of the Fortunes out of an Angle: Let not Part of Fortune be cadent in the beginning of any work or question from the Aspect of the Moon, or her Conjunction; it mattereth not for the Dispositor of the Part of Fortune, neither mattereth it whether Part of Fortune be cadent from the ascendent; but put the Lord of the ascendent with Part of Fortune, because it is most profitable for gain; but let not the Moon be placed in the second, sixth, eighth or twelfth from Part of Fortune because it causeth ill success.

And in all beginnings of works whatsoever, let the ascendent and the Moon be in signs of right ascensions as are Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittary, Begin Page TOP because it denoteth good success and speedy dispatch in the business; but the signs of oblique ascention, are Capricorn, Aquaries, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini, cause a hindrance therein, and much tediousness; wherefore let not the ascendent or the Moon be in signs of oblique ascentions: And if the Moon be impedited, and your business is in such haste as that you must elect your business at such a time, let not her have any relation to the ascendent either by body or aspect, but let her be cadent from the.

Here are my rules for wedding electional charts. There are many methods for doing this work, and other astrologers may disagree with my "rules. Avoid Sun approaching square or opposition to Saturn. Venus should apply to good aspect, or be applied to by Moon or Mercury. Avoid hard aspects from Venus to malefics. Avoid moon in Aries, Scorpio, or Capricorn. Avoid Venus in Aries, Virgo, or Scorpio.

Good applying Saturn aspect. They want to get married in the spring of , and they'll settle for a Friday evening or anytime between a. They are getting married at Kate's parents' house, so they won't have to contend with a church's scheduling issues. Glancing at the Pocket Astrologer an indispensible guide you notice that Mercury, ruler of contracts, will be direct during this period until June 3, when it turns retrograde appears to be moving backwards.

This is not terrific symbolism for a marriage, which is after all a contract, as it suggests that in time one might come to have second thoughts about the whole thing and back out. One exception is a second marriage, when Mercury retrograde's symbolism of "re-doing" can actually be quite appropriate.

Venus, ruler of marriage, will be retrograde from March 8 through April 19, One of the cardinal rules of wedding electionals is to avoid Venus retrograde if humanly possible. And ideally you would like to see Venus in a sign it works well in; say, Taurus, Libra, or Pisces. Likewise, you would avoid dates when Venus is in signs it doesn't work all that well in, such as Aries, Scorpio, or Virgo.

Sadly, we do not have this luxury between April 21 through June 2, Venus in Aries is pretty much what we're working with. Comfort yourself with the knowledge that my own wedding took place when Venus was in Aries, and we're getting along famously almost eight years later. It's not the end of the world, and we can work to strengthen Venus in the final chart by placing it in a strong house of the chart.

By avoiding Mercury and Venus retrograde, you've narrowed down the acceptable date range to Saturday, April 21 through Saturday, June 2, Next we'll try to choose a specific date based on the placement of the Moon on Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays during that time period.

Astrologically, the Moon in strongest in Taurus and Cancer. It's less happy in Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn. So right off the bat we'll eliminate dates when the moon is in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn: April , May , May , and June 2. Next we need to eliminate times when the Moon is Void of Course.

The symbolism of a Void of Course moon is that "the matter comes to nothing;" this might mean anything from unforseen circumstances preventing the wedding from taking place as planned, and if it does take place the couple may have a sense of being ineffectual and unable to formulate or reach mutual goals. So from the dates remaining we can eliminate: May 6 and May Additionally, we'll keep an eye on other dates when the moon is void of course for part of the day and avoid those times.

Obviously we'd like to go with the moon in Taurus Sunday, May 20, after a. None of these days favor the traditional Saturday evening wedding that so many couple secretly long for. Now, let me say this about Saturday: it's named after Saturn. In many ways that's an appropriate symbolism for the institution of marriage. But it's a pretty heavy, difficult symbol, and can manifest in distinctly unpleasant ways such as feeling restricted or oppressed.

I'm not saying no one should get married on Saturday. But Friday is ruled by Venus, and Sunday is ruled by the Sun; either of these days have a built-in vibe that's a lot more upbeat than Saturn's-day. But even though Kate and Malcolm have been model clients and given you carte blanche to choose a Friday or Sunday for them, you do, in this case, have a secret weapon you can hold in reserve. Saturday, May 5 boasts a moon in Libra and is not void of course until late that night.

It's not the best of moons, but Libra does rule marriage, after all. The Moon's Last Aspect In our previous step we managed to narrow the time frame for Kate and Malcolm's wedding date to five beneficial dates: Friday, April 27th after p. Saturday, April 28th before p. Saturday, May 5th before p. Sunday, May 20th after a. Friday, May 25th The next factor for you to consider is the aspects the Moon will make before it leaves its sign. Why is this important? Because a wedding chart will symbolically continue to unfold as we follow progressions in a natal chart as long as the marriage lasts If the moon will make a number of fractious aspects between the time of the wedding and the time the moon enters a new sign, what we end up with is a marriage full of day to day disruption that can be quite hard on the nerves, and subsequently undermine the relationship.

Let's look at the moon's aspects for the dates we've elected as most beneficial for Kate and Malcolm's wedding: Moon Placements April 21 - June 2, Moon's Sign Moon enters Cancer p. Moon sextile Sun Moon sextile Mercury. Looking at the Moon's aspects on May 20 and 25, I think it would be best to eliminate both dates, don't you?

That leaves us with drum roll, please : Friday, April 27 after the Moon square Venus aspect at p. Saturday, April 28, before p. Saturday, May 5, before p.

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Other Considerations In our previous step we managed to narrow the time frame for Kate and Malcolm's wedding date to three beneficial dates: Friday, April 27th after p. These dates were chosen as most beneficial based on: Mercury and Venus direct The Moon strong by sign The Moon positive by aspect. Let's look at the moon's aspects for the dates we've elected as most beneficial for Kate and Malcolm's wedding:.

Sun approaching square with Neptune exact p. Mercury 29 degrees Taurus; enters Gemini at p. Let's take a peek at the some sample wheels for these dates, and see what we think. The Time In our previous step we managed to narrow the time frame for Kate and Malcolm's wedding date to two beneficial dates: Friday, April 27th after p.

These dates were chosen as most beneficial based on: Mercury and Venus direct The Moon strong by sign The Moon positive by aspect No fatal additional considerations. Having narrowed down the dates, it's time to consider the time of day. We know our Friday night wedding will need to take place after in the evening. Common sense tells us a ceremony that takes place around p. Since we run the chart for the moment the couple says "I Do", let's run the chart for to allow time for the preamble to the vows:.

Well, there are a few nice things about this chart. A fixed sign on the ascendant can be a good sign for longevity and tenaciousness in the marriage. The Sun is setting, exactly conjunct the seventh house cusp, bringing tremendous vitality and emphasis to the marriage. Venus is in the 5th house, which can be wonderfully affectionate and is a particularly strong placement if the couple hopes to have children. The Moon is past its square to Venus and applying to a nice trine with the Ascendant. But there are a few real problems. Saturn in the 7th is a no-no, and it's already somewhat troublesome at 0 degrees of a sign.

However, it would be easy to place Saturn in the 8th house by moving the time of the vows up slightly. Libra rising is kind of nice for a wedding chart, and Venus, though technically in the 6th, is pretty darn close to that 7th house cusp. Plus you get the Moon on the Midheaven. Unfortunately, Mars is pretty close to the 4th house cusp, giving it a bit more oomph than I like to see in a wedding chart. And Saturn rules the 4th. Plus Moon and Venus are square each other, and the Moon applies to a square to the Ascendant.

It's not the worst chart I've ever seen, but let's see if we can do better. Let's look at the Saturday chart. In this step we'll look at charts for Saturday, April 28th, before p. We know our Saturday wedding will need to take place before in the afternoon. Common sense tells us a ceremony that takes place as close as possible to p. Since we run the chart for the moment the couple says "I Do", let's run the chart for p. I was feeling pretty good about this chart -- Sun in the cheery 9th house, Jupiter elevated, Venus in the 7th house -- until I got down to the bottom and saw aaaarrrgggghhhh!

Pluto and Mars in the 4th house!! No can do; the 4th house is too important as the descriptor of all that is cozy and domestic in a marriage to put those particular landmines in there. Back to the drawing board. Backing up to pm, Pluto and Mars are both out of the 4th house. In fact, it's a pretty nice chart Let's try again.

In our previous step we considered two charts for a Saturday, April 28, wedding for Kate and Malcolm. So far no good. We know our Saturday wedding will need to take place before in the afternoon, when the moon goes void of course. We tried charts for pm and pm, but each had what your computer during Mercury retrograde might call "a fatal error. Our next move is to get Uranus out of the 7th; to do that we have to move the chart back to am. Here's the chart:. A golden rule of electional astrology is that the chart must have between 3 and 27 degrees of a sign on the Ascendant; this one has 28 Cancer rising.

That could easily be tweaked, but we have another problem: Neptune is in the 7th house. With a wedding chart, we will not brook anything but lovely, happy planets in the 7th house. Let's get Neptune out of the 7th:. Backing up to a.

Electional Astrology: How to Find Auspicious Dates and Times

The Moon is right on the Ascendant, which is kind of nice. Not a horrible chart. I'm not crazy about Saturn ruling the 7th house, especially Saturn at 0 degrees of a sign. But at least the Moon ruler of the 1st is not in poor aspect to Saturn ruler of the 7th , which is another rule of a wedding electional, plus Saturn receives a nice sextile from Venus. In an ideal world, would be put Capricorn on the 7th house cusp?

We would not, and I would be questioning this couple very, very closely about Saturn issues before bestowing this chart on them. As Good as it Gets In our previous steps we narrowed dates for Kate and Malcolm's wedding to Friday, April 27, and Saturday, April 28, , and narrowed those dates down to times on each date that would be astrologically acceptable. The first is Friday afternoon, April 27, at p.

My reservations are:. The Moon's approaching square to Venus; Venus in Aries impossible to avoid during this time period I would like Saturn to have some kind of nice aspect applying to it. Ruler of 1st is Venus, square ruler of the 7th Mars. I feel this is somewhat mitigated by Venus and Mars being in complimentary signs, the aspect being a separating one, and Venus being in Mars' sign and conjunct the 7th house cusp. Friday afternoon at pm or so is a dashed inconvenient time for a wedding. The other date and time is Saturday morning, April 28, at a.

Another crappy time--who wants to get married on a Saturday morning? And it's not as though it's the best the chart of all time, especially with Capricorn on the 7th house cusp. Our Couple's Issues In our previous steps we narrowed dates for Kate and Malcolm's wedding to Friday, April 27, and Saturday, April 28, , and narrowed those dates down to times on each date that would be astrologically acceptable. In the end we don't have perfect charts, or even wildly terrific charts.

But they are acceptable charts. This is the point in the process of choosing a couple's wedding date that gets really interesting. When I take a Friday afternoon, p. If my experience tells me anything, it's that despite their initial protestations that they will marry whenever I say it's astrological cool, they will not be happy with these dates and times. At which point they will smile, thank me for my time, and make a beeline to the printer's shop where they will order invitations for the exact date and time they intended to use all along and hoped I would endorse astrologically.

Alternately, they may decide to scrap both these dates and send me back to the drawing board with an extended selection of dates from which to choose. If they should completely floor me by cheerfully selecting one of the dates and promptly commence wedding arrangements, we can make several safe assumptions:. A couple this cool, this flexible, this willing to go with the flow will be a raging success at marriage regardless of when they get married!

While they may very often disagree about the best way to approach matters, they have essentially complementary value systems Venus square Mars but in trine signs; Sun sextile Moon. As a couple, they have strong intuition, compassion, and creativity Venus sextile Neptune. They have the ability to build strong foundations and demonstrate their love on a practical level Venus sextile Saturn --this is more likely true if they are mature, say 30 years or older.

They will likely own multiple properties or multi-family properties Friday chart: 4th house ruler is in Gemini , or move a lot Saturday chart: 4th house ruler squares Uranus. Combined with the strong lunar emphasis in the charts, and the Sun in Taurus, they might do well buying homes to fix up and resell, or simply by investing in multiple income properties. But they must also be cautious about spending more than they feel comfortable with Moon square Venus. Those are just a few possible delineations for these charts.

My point is that the charts that present themselves as best within the time frame chosen by the couple, speak volumes about who they are as a couple and where they're at in their development. In my experience the more difficult it is to come up with a decent chart for a couple, the less ready they probably are to tie the knot.

Starting a Business or Major Project Although starting a business of any sort is something that few take lightly, the exact timing of the launch of a business is generally not as well thought-out. In this article, we explore some basic conditions in Astrology that favor viability and profitability of businesses--from sideline businesses to more ambitious undertakings.

Preliminary considerations

Timing isn't everything, but it certainly helps. One of the most basic factors to consider when timing the launch of a business or a major project is actually very easy to do, and doesn't require too much in terms of astrological knowledge or knowhow. This involves paying attention to lunar phases.

At first thought, attuning ourselves to nature by observing the cycles of the Moon and applying these cycles to the world of business seems an odd mix. However, more and more people are turning to the intuitive arts for help. Probably, it has much to do with the knowledge that timing is important. Applying logic to business endeavors is an absolute must, but some times seem to be more "magical" than others. The first and most basic factor is to begin a business during the waxing period of the Moon--that is, when the Moon is increasing in light, from the New Moon to the Full Moon.

This is not to say that a business begun when the Moon is waning is doomed to fail, by all means. However, those businesses begun when the Moon is increasing in light have a better chance of longevity, presuming all things are equal. Ideally, its inception occurs when the Moon applies to a sextile to the Sun or a trine to the Sun. The applying sextile generally occurs about 5 days after the New Moon, and the applying trine generally occurs about 10 days after the New Moon.

The next factors to consider are the Moon's applying aspects and void periods. This is certainly more technical. Void-of-course Moon periods should be avoided. We have tables for these periods here. Projects and businesses launched with Moon sextile or trine Saturn are generally well-conceived, respectable, and stable, but not necessarily "pick me" types or flashy. If the Moon trines Mercury, the head and the heart of the business are in harmony.

Remember that the Moon is in some ways the heart of the business, but the Moon also rules the publicity of the business or project--how well it is received and supported. Not quite as important, but something that can be factored in, is the sign position of the Moon. Ideally, it's in earth signs Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn for longevity. Of the three, Taurus is more fruitful. Once we are certain the Moon is "fortified", we can look at the condition of the other planets. The planet that rules the type of business should be well-positioned.

For illustration purposes, we'll take a look at January and apply some of these rules as an example. Let's presume the business we're starting is a metaphysical web site. With an internet business, especially an "alternative" one, we should look to Uranus. Because Uranus produces erratic results, we don't want it to be too strong, but we do want it to form easy aspects.

Neptune, which rules many of the healing arts, should also be well-aspected. Again, this is an outer planet that shouldn't be too strong, as it also rules chaos and confusion. The critical house to examine for electional timing purposes is the 10th. Astrologers look at planetary placements on a chart, or what house a planet occupies, for clues to the energies that will prevail for the house in question. Saturn, which is the planet of responsibilities, occupies the 10th house.

It denotes strong managerial ability and is an excellent placement, according to the astrology site Cyberastro. A new company keen on success would look for an inaugural start date where Saturn's house-placement is favorable, and not inhospitable to that planet, such as the 9th or 12th house. One thing to keep an eye on when selecting a business start date is Mercury retrograde, notes astrological site Astrology Alive. Mercury is the planet of communications, trade, sales and negotiations. When Mercury is in retrograde, which happens about three times a year for approximately three weeks, the planet seems to be moving backwards in the heavens, with chaos ensuing down below.

During these times, curious mishaps often occur, whether it's a printing mistake or a dealmaker saying no to a proposition. You'll want to avoid these iffy times for your kick-off date. A simple rule of thumb for business start-up dates involves the waxing and waning phases of the moon. You'll want a start date that mirrors the expansiveness of the moon because this bodes well for the forward momentum of your enterprise. Astrology Alive says any day during the two-week period of waxing following the new moon is a good time to start a business.

Beyond this, determine which of the four elements -- fire, earth, air or water -- the moon is in, as each corresponds with a particular energy. A new moon in a fire sign is best for initiating any action. Astrology consultancy Healing Stars uses Vedic astrology as the basis for determining the commencement of a business.

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