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Where are Birthdate Candles made?

The Birthday Number

Your Birthdate Candle will unlock the secrets of your personality, and has a fragrance carefully designed to enliven your spirit. The detailed character reading on the back of your candle will help you unlock the secrets to your unique position in the universe. By illuminating your key strengths and vulnerabilities, and profiling your personality and relationships, the text aims to provide guidance to help you on your path.

The tarot provides age-old psychic intuition and wisdom. Your candle reveals your emblematic tarot card and explains its impact. Your ruling number is based on the underlying numerological pattern of the day you were born — learn its influence on your life. A custom blend of natural fragrance oils, crafted hand-in-hand with master perfumers, for a scent that matches your inner spirit.

Birthday Numbers - 1, 10, 19 & 28 (Numerology Decoded)

Olivia L. I cannot believe how accurate my Birthdate Candle was. One of the best gifts I've ever received. Jaquen C. It was scary precise! I got chills when I saw my reading, and now I love lighting the candle because it feels so personal. Sona K. Birthdate Candles are poured with an all-natural blend of soy, coconut, and apricot wax and custom natural fragrance oils. The candles are all hand-poured with love in small batches in the Northeast USA. This could take a mischievous turn as you like exploring new territory.

You are spontaneous, and like diversity so, therefore, you are capable of keeping a relationship new and interesting. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! If today is your birthday, you love the idea of a long-term affair. Although you have no problems finding a mate, it is typical that Gemini will want one lover as opposed to several. You find that pillow talk only brings you and your partner closer together.

Who know's what is in store for you! Check out your birth date meaning.

But normally, you are likely to be idealistic in your expectations. The May 28 astrology analysis predicts that those born on this day look for compatible employment as well. Most men with a birthday today, find themselves being crafty at a draftsman table. You have many options to choose from and may have to change several occupations before deciding on a career.

BORN ON THE 28th OF DECEMBER? Learn your future - nuefrit.tk

Test Now! However, you are ambitious, and you have taken pride in your past projects. As the May 28 zodiac sign is Gemini, job gratification is usually what drives you and not the pay. For this Gemini, typically, it is not what you make but how you spend it. You are likely to have money saved for a rainy day as well. Also, you are thrifty individuals, and you will put up a lay-a-way with the quickness. The May 28 horoscope predicts that you have no clue of what it feels like to fail or to be afraid.

You love people and enjoy mingling. You like being coupled up for this reason. You also take an active interest in your friends and family lives. You love to help people in trouble. Your family history is important to you as an adult and to your children as it made you the person you are today. Understanding the family roots, this May 28 Gemini believe, that their children will have a better perception of life and will have more discipline and respect because of it.

Your ruling planet is Mercury that symbolizes knowledge, energy, and curiosity. Your Birthday Tarot Card is Magician. This card symbolizes the right balance of ambition and resourcefulness needed to be successful. You have a way of coming up with innovative ways to help the helpless.

In spite of all your strengths, you need to be wary of a few flaws in your character. For example, you need to consult more widely. Avoid making unilateral decisions. There is a time you need to shut up and hear the sound advice of others. Also, avoid dwelling too much on your past negative experiences. You can never win with this. Let the past remain in the past, and focus more on how to make your future experiences better. The past was a lesson — use it to advance your cause in life! The January 28 zodiac people are in the 1st decan of Aquarius.

They are in the same category as people born between January 20 and January Your life receives a lot of direction from the planet Uranus. As such, you are not only resourceful but also inquisitive and altruistic. You are the true epitome of the Aquarius zodiac sign! Your imaginativeness and creativity put you in a class of your own. It gives you the insight to see what others cannot. This means that you are able to read people quite well. You are easily the most optimistic person in any gathering.

This quality acts as a magnet for many people.

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They are drawn to you for your positivity. You are a generous, self-confident person. You also value your freedom in decision-making. You approach life matters in an original way. You are able to see the big picture and guide others to do the same. With these traits, it is no wonder that you are a natural leader! You are best suited for careers that gravitate towards philosophy and the theoretical sciences. These jobs require much input, but nobody will be asking you for any tangible results. You have the capacity to theorize, day after day. Your different form of reality will impress people.

You will thrive in this field.

However, you would need to adjust seriously if you were to move out of the world of academia. This is because other fields do ask for results. You would have to reconsider how you are to operate. Your magic color is cobalt. This color is cool, calming, and mysterious. It is a reflection of the ideas that you hold dear. Make a point to implement those ideas that you hold so close to your heart and head. This is the lucky break you have been looking for in life.

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