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The World card signifies a long journey coming to an end. If you've recently accomplished a lifelong goal such as purchasing a house, that's why this card appears.

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I have a high sensitivity of the Chat Now! This part of your chart also rules business partnerships and collaborators lawyer, accountant, agent, publicist, screenplay writing partner, social media manager, advertising agency, and the like , so if this applies to you, you might draw up plans to forge ahead on a new project or sign someone new.

This is the new moon to become serious with anyone you want to align with this year. I like that this new moon is in Libra, the sign of marriage and partnerships of all kinds. This means the new moon will have a wonderful effect now and for the coming 12 months on your partnerships of all kinds.

The actions you take on and in the ten days after a new moon will matter a great deal, so if you have a plan to couple up in love or business, this new moon will be the time to act. Venus rules not only love, but happiness, profit, and prosperity too, so you see how perfectly this time of the year is for you to take action.

Decan 1 Aries Horoscope October 12222

One last note: September 24 will be a heavenly day when Mercury in Libra and Jupiter in Sagittarius are in lovely alignment, 60 degrees apart, called a sextile. A sextile offers you a shining opportunity, so this one would be perfect for scheduling a meeting, presentation, pitch, or to sign a contract or travel near or far. With the moon then in Leo, you are apt to find gorgeous items that flatter you and garner you many compliments, and you will likely spend a bit more than you planned, but wow, will you look amazing!

September will be a remarkably productive month for you, and it will brim with activity.

You like having lots to do, and you will have a fast-moving, packed schedule. You will have many heavenly bodies that will gather in your sixth house of work assignments, including your ruler, Mars, along with Mercury, Venus, the Sun, and the August 30 new moon, which will influence your days in the first half of September.

Uranus will be friendly to all those heavenly bodies, bringing new projects, and you might be surprised by how many clients and internal VIPs will choose you and only you to work on them. This will be flattering—you are the best, and they know it. The work you do now will allow you a path to solid advancement, thanks to a collaboration between Saturn, Mars, and Venus. Most new moons have a mixed outlook, but this one will bring only happy opportunities and results. The financial compensation you will be offered as a result of your fine, detailed performance will please you.

If you are working on a stand-alone project, that money will come now, and if you work for others, your excellent performance will be noted and bring rewards in time. Some good news about your health likely awaits you, so go ahead, make that appointment. Later, the full moon of Friday, September 13 will find you needing rest. Be careful about any medicines or herbs you ingest, as you could have an adverse such as allergic reaction.

ARIES Horoscope October 2019 - Mercury Shadow Zone

Neptune will be conjunct the full moon in your private twelfth house, causing this possibility, so before taking any new drug, ask your doctor about side effects. I am not saying this will happen only that it could happen. You seem to need to screen out social events near this date, so take it slow—follow your routine but avoid starting anything new.

You might want to sleep in over the weekend. This would be an ideal weekend September to daydream and to muse about a dilemma that has pressed on you, as you are likely to find workable solutions. Plot your course for the coming months, but do so alone, for by being secluded, you will be able to listen to the small voice within.

Aries Monthly Horoscope: October |

At this time, you should not let others influence your thinking. Mars, your ruler, now in Virgo, will be working with Saturn in Capricorn, your career, honors, and award sector, so set aside time over this weekend for your next steps—your ideas will have stability, practicality, and considerable profit potential. Aries most often likes to act alone, but by the new moon of September 28, you will be working with one or more people of equal status.

Venus, the subject of this new moon will be in conversation with Jupiter, suggesting smooth interaction between you, with an exciting result. Some Aries will become engaged at this new moon or in the days that follow, a heavenly time to do so. Printed on archival quality paper. Available exclusively on Astrology Zone. Learn More. To view the current horoscopes, click here. You may not need to wait until September 18, the date Saturn goes direct Here is why—beginning September 8, Saturn will do what astrologers call starting to station—that means the planet slows down to a crawl and temporarily hangs like a lantern in the sky, not moving forward or backward but seeming to stand still relative to other planets.

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