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It seems like a billion years ago. Kingston slyly scooped a Drifters beat and took this silly little pop song to the top of the charts. Just try not to sing along. My senior year college roommate had a screensaver featuring uncooked noodles that would fall from the top of the screen and scatter across the bottom. Say what you want about will. Let the haters hate. The hit single that set a template for Ms. Puff Daddy a.

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Diddy, a. Bow down: you are in the presence of royalty. Deeply funky. What an awesome song to enter the world to. Does Sia really love cheap thrills? Long may Lil Nas X reign; once this song, the longest-running number one ever and very definitively the song of the summer , finally slips down the charts we may all need a break for a while, but the track will remain forever iconic. Songs like this were why synth-pop was amazing, why it came back, and why it will never die — right?

A timeless, ethereal ballad that was a justifiably massive hit. Madonna gets topical yet somehow still stays breezy—and listen to that popping bass line! My memory of summer will always be this song coming on and everybody screaming with frustration, then filling the dance floor. I never quite managed to yearn along with Bono, but objectively speaking, this is a pretty killer single.

Just wind Nile Rodgers up and let him go. There are legions of people who regard this as one of the singular near-religious moments in the history of popular music. I get that.

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Sir Elton at his most effervescent. If you were a child of the 80s, you remember getting emotional about the title song to Rocky III. Go to check these songs and also find the tool to download the birthday rap songs from YouTube. When anyone thinks about rap and rap songs, the usual trends seem to be that of depression, suicide, or a focus on the material gains in life.

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Women, bling, cars, and money seem to be the most popular choices in the music videos as well. However, there are many rap lovers who would love to have a good rapping beat playing on their big day. Luckily, there are quite a few choices when it comes to such a requirement.

Katy Perry - Birthday (Lyric Video)

Read on below for some of the best birthday songs rap has on the menu for this decade! Play this song, forget your problem and enjoy your fabulous birthday with it. The lyrics of this song received mixed reviews from people. Some say it is disgusting, while some say this song made her. Listen to this song while you are getting your hair and nails done for your birthday outfit.

This song will put you in the birthday party mood for sure. It is time to celebrate and keep pouring the clubs for a birthday party. This lyric of this song will give you power and put the sad things behind.

If you play this song on your birthday, everybody will go crazy. The lyrics of this song tells the birthday girls to cheer up and drink their wine to the bottom, because birthday party is the right time to relax yourself. This birthday rap song has set a precedent that might not have been followed otherwise. For true rap fanatics, this is the song that could even replace the traditional birthday song. Objectionable words aside, this is absolutely going to be one of the must-have songs at any birthday party, given the audience is open to it.

These lyrics and that rapping, thumping beat would be sure to get any birthday party started. It would also make its way toward the top of the music playlist for birthdays. The name of the song aside, this track is quite an enjoyable and popular one. Manage your music responsibly, and no one would have cause to complain about the objectionable lyrics, even in hardcore rap. Again, not one for the family or even any friends that might get offended by the lyrics.

Find out what was Number 1 on your 14th birthday and why it matters

Some people just want to have fun on their birthday without getting into the nitty gritty of it all. For these individuals, having this song recorded and ready to play at all times would be quite a convenient option. See if you can have it downloaded on a mobile device so that you can play the birthday rap songsimply by tapping a finger. The hook of this song mentions that the rapper does not want cake on just his birthday but every single day. You can utilize this song to pretend it is your birthday every single day of the year. After all, there is nothing quite like a birthday rap song to remind yourself that you are at the center of attention for this day and hopefully for many other days too.

16 Birthday Songs To Sing Instead Of “Happy Birthday To You”

We, hence, recommend that you take a close listen when considering putting any of these birthday rap songs on your birthday playlist. This is again one of the songs where one can enjoy themselves by simply letting loose and having the time of their lives. For those fun-loving and rap-loving folks, this track should absolutely be at the top of the playlist.

Make sure the DJ has it and that you get to enjoy yourself to the max. Or any party, in fact. This birthday rap song combines the upbeat tune of classic rap with some awesomely fun lyrics. This is a song that would really get you partying on your own terms. The lyrics are all about doing things your way, which is the way it should be, especially when celebrating the day that you were born. All in all, this one is a definite download for all birthday song playlists! When it is our big day, we all get to do what we feel like.

number 18 song on your birthday Number 18 song on your birthday
number 18 song on your birthday Number 18 song on your birthday
number 18 song on your birthday Number 18 song on your birthday
number 18 song on your birthday Number 18 song on your birthday
number 18 song on your birthday Number 18 song on your birthday
number 18 song on your birthday Number 18 song on your birthday
number 18 song on your birthday Number 18 song on your birthday

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